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Meek Mill Will Punch Drake For $5 Million

A bargain, really

So many celebrity livestreams are boring, reminding us only that the glam life can be as banal as our own. But sometimes, just sometimes, you catch Meek Mill agreeing to punch Drake in the face for $5 million.

In a recent Periscope stream, Meek captured himself working out with a buddy, and the two proceeded to chat about the recent beef between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. The conversation then pivoted to Meek's own beef with Drake, and a quote for the ages was immortalized on live video.

"Now, I'd beat Drizzy the fuck up for five mil," Meek said. "Of course I would. And we gon' let Nicki be the ring girl."

We have questions. Who's going to bankroll this celebrity smackdown? Will Nicki Minaj really agree to moderate the fight? And the most burning question of all: Who would win?