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Justin Bieber Sent Mark Wahlberg Pics Of Himself In His Underwear

Nothing weird about that

What should you do when you nab a major modeling gig? Immediately send Mark Wahlberg the final images, of course.

On Thursday (January 12), Wahlberg stopped by Conan, where the host reminded him of his Calvin Klein underwear modeling days in the early 1990s — a past job he now shares with Justin Bieber.

Wahlberg called Bieber a friend before admitting Bieber sent him the pictures personally. "You don't send a guy pictures like this," Wahlberg added, making a face.

You do, however, hang out regularly with a guy who sends you pics like this, apparently. Earlier this month, Wahlberg told Ellen DeGeneres about having dinner with an unnamed celeb, but his clues suggested it was Bieber. DeGeneres asked why the singer was even at Wahlberg's house in the first place, wondering if they were gonna work together. "Maybe," he teased. 2017 is looking up, guys.