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St. Vincent’s First Scream-Inducing Horror Film Trailer Is Here

Check out a sneak peek of ‘The Birthday Party’

She rocks, she rolls, and now she rolls film.

Annie Clark is best known to the world as shred-happy musician St. Vincent, but now she's breaking into the movie business. Clark has contributed a short film to XX, an anthology-style feature-length horror flick that offers up four terrifying tales.

Every single one of the chapters of XX is directed by women. Clark's quarter of the project, The Birthday Party, stars Melanie Lynskey and involves a bunch of party guests clad in panda bear suits, toilet costumes (seriously), and other outfits that look slightly out of place and a touch sinister at a celebration.

These films may be brief, but based on what we see here, what they lack in length they make up for in sleep-with-the-light-on creepiness.

XX hits select theaters and on-demand services February 17.