Bella Thorne’s New Show Will Have ‘Side Boob, Side Butt, And Amazing Clothes’

Here’s something to look forward to

On the surface, Bella Thorne has plenty in common with her Famous in Love character, Paige Townsen — they're both actresses living their best lives in Hollywood, for instance. As it turns out, though, their paths to stardom couldn't have been more different.

In the show's dramatic first trailer, Townsen transforms overnight from a normal college student into a movie star. Thorne, meanwhile, has lived in the spotlight for most of her life after getting her big break on Disney Channel's Shake it Up at age 13.

"It’s really fun to play someone who is not very much like me at all," Thorne said today (January 10) at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Offstage, the 19-year-old joked around with co-star Carter Jenkins, pictured below.

Bella Thorne/Snapchat

"Paige will struggle a lot with who she is and who everybody wants her to be, and I’ve been there," Thorne continued. "Everybody will try to change you, and with social media, people will try to tear you down and make you something you are not."

The Freeform series premieres April 18 and is based on Rebecca Serle's young-adult novel of the same name. Serle co-wrote the show with Marlene King, who helms Pretty Little Liars. However, the TV adaptation of Famous in Love will reportedly be way edgier and sexier than the book.

Just ask King, who said to expect the following from the show: "Occasional side boob, side butt, amazing clothes, great hair, and a beautiful cast, as well as a ménage à quatre."

What else could you ask for, really?