Tom Hardy’s New Series Taboo Stars Everyone Game Of Thrones Has Killed Off

Plus, there’s naked Tom Hardy

Taboo might not be the next Game of Thrones, but it does star Jonathan Pryce (a.k.a. the High Sparrow), Oona Chaplin (R.I.P. Talisa Stark), a nearly naked Tom Hardy, and a man in a bizarre pig mask, so who really cares? This looks delightful!

In the highly anticipated FX drama, which is set in 1814 (judging by the dirt on everyone's faces), Hardy plays a rogue adventurer, long believed to be dead, who returns home to London to inherit what is left of his father’s shipping empire and rebuild a life for himself. But enemies are lurking in every dark, musty corner, as Hardy's James Keziah Delaney discovers that his pops was in cahoots with some very bad men.

Well, duh. Did this guy really think he was going to waltz back into his old life and ask for his father's fortune without any problems? So it's kind of like Game of Thrones, if the Iron Throne were a shipping empire, Jon Snow were Tom Hardy, and the dragons were men in pig masks. (Damn. I'd take that version of the show any day.)

In the newest trailer, we get a glimpse at the ensuing drama ahead, which looks completely bonkers. There's Hardy in a loincloth. Naked Hardy in a cell. Hardy swearing to do "very foolish things." Hardy reuniting with his favorite co-star: a shaggy pooch. There's also men in glorious hats and long black coats. And this guy, who deserves a goddamn Emmy for this performance:


This shows looks AWESOME.

Taboo is executive-produced by Hardy, Ridley Scott, and Stephen Knight, and is based on an original idea by Hardy and his father, Chips Hardy. The eight-episode series premieres January 10 on FX.