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Hilary Duff And Sutton Foster Might Star In A Younger Music Video

Empirical could use a karaoke night

Liza Miller, the adorkable protagonist of TV Land's Younger, has a secret that could bring down her entire life in Brooklyn: She's lying about her age to protect her job as a publishing assistant. But on Season 3's explosive finale Wednesday night (December 14) — spoilers! — the truth finally comes out. Liza reveals her real identity to her best friend and co-worker, Kelsey Peters, played by Hilary Duff.

"I think Kelsey is fiercely loyal and fiercely protective," Sutton Foster, the two-time Tony winner who portrays Liza, recently told Vulture. "She’s the type of character who, if you lie to her, she’ll cut you out of her life."

TV Land

Foster is a Big Fucking Deal in the theater world, starring in musicals like Thoroughly Modern Millie and Anything Goes. Playing Liza, however, is a different experience. [Disclosure: TV Land and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

"I don’t think this character sings, I don’t think this character dances, if anything she’s probably tone deaf and a klutz," Foster said. "As an actor, it’s been really nice to branch out and do something that isn’t based in singing and dancing. It’s been really fun. Somebody tweeted something at the Younger Twitter account a few days ago: 'I didn’t know the girl from Younger could sing!'"

TV Land

Perhaps that person saw Foster's cameo in last month's Gilmore Girls reboot, when she swung by Stars Hollow for the town's laughable excuse of a musical. (Don't @ me; the play was supposed to be bad!) Could this brief return to singing and dancing mean music is in Younger's future? "Maybe! I can’t say never, just because, who knows?" she teased. "Maybe we’ll do a special, not an episode, but maybe something special like a little music video."

Co-star Duff has released five records since her Disney Channel days, which means Younger has two singers on every episode. But the closest the show's gotten to a duet is that time Kelsey and Liza's boss got drunk and slurred through show tunes. It's time for a real performance. A company karaoke outing might be just the thing to save their friendship.

"I’ll talk to Hilary, we’ll see what we can do!" Foster said.