Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Chance The Rapper’s Bathtime Playlist Is Here To Cleanse Your Spirit

See him sing Frank Ocean in the tub and tell me you don’t want that in your life

Music is important. Hygiene is also important. Chance the Rapper knows this, so he’s given the world yet another blessing in the form of a bathtime playlist that’ll cleanse your spirit while you cleanse, well, the rest of yourself.

Monday (December 12), Chance shared the link to an Apple Music playlist simply titled “Yup,” and delved into the details on Twitter. “I been neglecting myself, not taking care of me,” he wrote. “I take a shower everyday. But when is it bath time? Now. Enjoy a bath every once in a while.” His instructions: "Get in the tub, press shuffle, and treat yourself.”

As for the playlist itself, it’s packed with songs by Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, Gucci Mane, D.R.A.M., Solange, and, yes, Chance himself. There’s also some praise music from Kirk Franklin and Smokie Norful thrown in for all your self-care needs. The entire thing’s 26 tracks long, so you might turn into a prune by the time it’s done, but it’ll be worth it. Just look at Chance singing Ocean’s “Self Control” with a loofa in hand, and tell me you don’t want that in your life.

Stream the playlist below via Apple Music, and get your spirit-cleansing soak on.