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Chance The Rapper Is Here For A Shia LaBeouf Rap Album

Because it would be a ‘classic,’ of course

Shia LaBeouf loves rap and isn't afraid to show it, be it through his attempts at freestyling or his collection of thigh tattoos that have the faces of some of the best hip-hop greats in history etched on his body forever.

It was only a matter of time, then, before the idea of a LaBeouf album came up. We just didn't necessarily expect to hear it from another MC.

Chance the Rapper said that he'd not only listen to a LaBeouf record, but would willingly pay actual, non-imaginary, green, American dollars to own it.

Whether or not it'd be a "classic" is debatable, but hey: The dude in question has a tattoo of Missy Elliot wearing her iconic garbage-bag suit on his damn leg. Clearly, he's committed to hip-hop in some capacity, so maybe, juuuust maybe, he'd do better than that freestyle — especially if Chance is onboard.