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Zendaya’s New Fashion Line Draws Inspiration From Your School’s Creative Teens

Fashion should be ‘open’ — and it wouldn't hurt if it reflected the closet of your chem lab’s most creative dresser

Zendaya may have a super busy shooting schedule thanks to her impending entry into the Marvel universe with Spider-Man, but she's not stopping there: She just launched her own clothing and shoe line under the Daya by Zendaya name, drawing inspiration from creative people who don't necessarily find their way to the spotlight.

In an interview with Fashionista, Zendaya shared that her muses come from the halls of your school, pretty much: She's far more interested in those "who think outside the box" and express their creativity through their clothing choices. To her, labels and designer looks pale in comparison to how someone wears their inspiration.

Her fashion muse is basically "that chic high-schooler who comes to school every day dressed up and gets voted best dressed." Or "the kid who ... nobody really likes their style in high school, but then they grow up and end up being this [trendsetter]. Even though people didn't 'get it' when they were kids, they were just being creative. Finally, people started to realize they were setting trends all along. I'm inspired by those people. People who are creative, who think outside the box. People who develop their own styles and aren't afraid to do so."

Her clothes are made to be worn by everyone, too: Sizes run from 0 to 22, and making affordable, high-quality items was a huge priority. She wants Daya by Zendaya to flourish as an "empowering line."

"I just want it to be a line that people want to be a part of," she told Fashionista. "Not just because the clothes are nice — I obviously want to have nice clothes — but because of what it stands for and what it embraces. And [for being a part of] a new era of fashion, which is more forward-thinking and there's not as many labels and rules. It's more open — that's what fashion should be."