What Kind Of Swag Can You Buy In The Westworld Gift Shop? And Other Unanswered, Post-Finale Questions

Some important questions we expect Westworld Season 2 to address

The first season of Westworld is over, which means fans now have months to rewatch the series in an effort to predict every pending plot twist before the next episode even airs. (Spoiler: The fly that keeps appearing on the hosts' faces is the last living thing on earth, and every single character we've seen so far is a robot living in a United States–spanning series of interconnected worlds.) And while the finale tied up a lot of loose ends, we’re still left to ponder many unanswered questions about the universe Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan spent 10 episodes building.

Here are a few:

• Is Ford alive?

• If this show takes place in the not-so-distant future, do the park creators just assume that guests will assume that Radiohead music is so old that it might have existed in the Wild West?

• Is Elsie alive?

• Will Maeve ever find her daughter?

• Are the janitors at Westworld humans or robots? If they are robots, have there been any efforts to unionize them?

• Do the restrooms at Westworld look like regular public bathrooms, or is plumbing in the park less anachronistic?

• Are guests not allowed to bring cell phones into the park? Why didn't we see a single person taking selfies during the first season? Do the hosts have Tinder? What is the worst thing that the Westworld social media manager has ever tweeted during a national event?

• Does the theme park host marathons? Do the hosts chase the runners?

• Are there destination weddings at Westworld? Do they write up cheesier scripts for the hosts assigned to these events, or are their normal scripts cheesy enough?

• How long did Westworld exist before the first season of The Bachelor with secret host contestants aired?

• How long has PETA been fighting to make the park recognize the robot horses' right to freedom?

• If Westworld is in California, how many times has the ballot initiative mandating that all hosts and guests wear condoms in the park failed?

• How extensive are the gluten-free options in Sweetwater?

• Is the fact that Westworld does not appear to be ADA-compliant evidence that the United States as we know it may no longer exist?

• How does Westworld make money with so few guests and no apparent brand sponsorship?

• Is Kanye West suing Westworld because he invented a similarly named theme park two years before Ford's experiment opened?

• How did Westworld get so much land? Did the Donald Trump administration just sell off large parcels of federal land to private corporations?

• What if Forrest Fenn's treasure was hidden on land used to build Westworld? Does that mean we'll never find it?

• Does Maeve's saloon sell Coke products or Pepsi products?

• What do they sell in the Westworld gift shop?

Hopefully a few of these questions are answered when the show returns in 2018.