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Gerard Way Returns To Remix ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ With Steve Aoki

Plus, the My Chemical Romance frontman responds to reunion rumors

Ten years after meeting the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned, My Chemical Romance fans have a new version of “Welcome to the Black Parade” to blast through their headphones. Frontman Gerard Way and Steve Aoki revived the hit 2006 song for an EDM-inspired anniversary remix, out now on iTunes and streaming services. It'll likely appear on Aoki's upcoming third record, Neon Future III.

The song's telltale opening piano notes, as well as Way's dramatic intro monologue, are still front and center on the remix. But while the OG song encourages listeners to scream or headbang their problems away, Aoki's take is more appropriate for raves or dancing all night. Hear it below:

Don't let this new beat get your hopes up for an MCR reunion, though. Rumors started last summer about a 10th anniversary tour, but Way put them to rest.

“There aren’t any plans for a reunion, or a tour, or anything like that,” Way recently told BuzzFeed. “I guess what is just really cool, you know, the relationships between the people in the band are really solid. I think everybody misses each other, and we definitely miss playing with each other — but at the same time, everybody is really happy with their lives. And we’re able to recognize that My Chemical Romance was this one period, this moment in time that we’re really proud of.”

Consider these his “Famous Last Words” on the matter.