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Of Course Luke Knows What The Last Four Words Of Gilmore Girls Will Be

So they're not ‘Kirk, drop the gun!’ but...

At least we know that Gilmore Girls isn't going to end in a stand-off with Kirk brandishing a weapon and turning the beloved series into a murder mystery. Or is it?!

On Tuesday's The Tonight Show, Sean Gunn, Liza Weil, and Scott Patterson all talked up the return of the Gilmores, Kirk, and the rest of their neighbors from Stars Hollow. The series concludes with the four words of dialogue that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had always wanted to close the show with, and it turns out that the only one who knows them is Patterson, who plays scruffy, gruffy Luke Danes.

“My idea to Amy was ‘Drop the gun, Kirk!’ and she rejected it,” he reveals. “It's more philosophical.”

“Oy! With the poodles already” is immediately disqualified as the final phrase, thanks to that additional fifth word, and Fallon throws out a compelling suggestion with “Stars Hollow never existed.”

What'll it be? Thankfully, we've only got a few more days of waiting until we find out: Gilmore Girls returns and is available to stream on Netflix on November 25.