American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson And Adina Porter Fangirled Over Each Other

We’d gladly watch a ‘Roanoke’ spin-off only starring these two queens

After 10 harrowing episodes of butchering, mayhem, and Blood Moons, Sarah Paulson and Adina Porter survived until the very end of American Horror Story: Roanoke. While Paulson’s character, Audrey, didn’t live to see the day, her Asylum character, Lana Winters, made a return on the season finale to question Lee (Porter) on live television.

And because celebs are, as we know, just like us, Porter recently spoke to Us Weekly about the hit series and confessed to fangirling over Paulson. I mean, same.


After Porter presented some ideas on how to play a particular scene with Paulson, Paulson confessed that she “loved” the suggestions. “That coming from an actress like Sarah Paulson will stick with me forever,” Porter said. “I don’t think anyone else heard it, but just her thinking that she admired what I did made me feel like a million bucks.”

And because news travels fast, one fan tweeted at Porter: “Just read your interview. YOU [were] star struck about Sarah Paulson? You're so effing amazing though! Congrats on AHS6. AMAZING.” Porter responded and explained why she fangirled — as if she even needed a reason.

Paulson later jumped in and fangirled over Porter. QUEENS.

We better see this duo together again on Season 7. Ryan Murphy, are you listening?