Kevin Winter/AMA2016/Getty Images for dcp

Jay Pharaoh Really, Really, Really Wants To Meet Taylor Swift's Squad At The AMAs

He'll settle for being BFFs with Gigi, though

Jay Pharoah is co-hosting the American Music Awards tonight (November 20) with Gigi Hadid, and he's really thrilled about hanging out with the young model because he's dying to meet her squad. Or, specifically, Taylor Swift's.

Pharaoh's looking forward to running the show, sure, but he revealed to Billboard that he's looking forward to getting to know the crew Hadid rolls with a little better. He and Gigi became fast pals, but he's a walking heart-eyed emoji when the topic of her girls comes up.

"I can’t wait to meet her friends," he told Billboard. "I know she got friends. She taken, she with Zayn, I can’t mess with her, but I can talk to her friends. We’ve already established I’m already in the friendzone, so it’s cool for me. I know where I stand, it’s all good, I’m just like, 'Hey, can you introduce me to the fellow Taylor Swift gang?' That’s what I want: The squad. I want to see the squad."

He's also a Harmonizer, apparently, as he's looking forward to watching Fifth Harmony perform ("Those are my homies, those are the home girls") almost as much as he wants to join the "Bad Blood" crew.

Catch the AMAs on ABC on November 20, and hey! You may just watch Pharoah's dream come true.