Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Kanye West Yeezy

North West Wants To Be A Makeup Pro Just Like Her Aunt Kylie

... and Aunt Khloé learned that the hard way

We already know that North West is a budding fashion icon in her own right and that Kim Kardashian’s closet is on notice, but it looks like she’s taken a liking to aunt Kylie Jenner’s penchant for makeup.

She’s still learning — hi, she’s still learning how to form complete sentences, let alone work a blush brush — and in the meantime, aunt Khloé Kardashian is being a super good sport and letting her play makeup artist, even if that involves getting her boobs painted with lip gloss.

Khloé shared a couple of adorable clips on her Snapchat that show how a determined North was set on touching up auntie’s lips. She’s doing a great job for all of a second before, yup, she goes for Koko’s chin instead.

North is Queen of IDGAF when it comes to differentiating between “makeup” and “body makeup,” as she gleefully dubs it. She goes for Khloé’s chest with lip gloss, and Khloé just sits there laughing as her little niece goes all Picasso on her. Cheers to North’s makeup artistry, which is only set to get better with age.