Misha Collins/Facebook

Supernatural’s Misha Collins Continues To Choose Kindness In Post-Election Video

‘I am going to make movies that change minds’

Misha Collins isn't giving up just yet. Shortly after Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech for the 2016 Presidential Election, the Supernatural star reminded everyone why he isn't just an angel on-camera, but also in real life.

He posted a heartfelt video on Facebook about how he plans to keep fighting by creating "movies that change minds," and "spread[ing] a message of love and kindness." This is only fitting, since Collins co-founded the non-profit Random Acts, an organization that wants to better our world through acts of kindness.

At the end, Collins begins to break down over the state of our country. Prior to the election results on Tuesday (November 8), the actor and political activist shared a precious photo with daughter Maison, celebrating his ability to vote and urging others to do the same. Watch the video above.