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Brandon Victor Dixon Sang The Night Home With An Emotional 'We Are' Rendition

The 'Hamilton' star provided a much-needed lift at the end of the night

By the time actor and singer Brandon Victor Dixon, who currently plays Aaron Burr in the smash Broadway hit Hamilton, stepped into MTV's studios to sing the quietly optimistic "We Are," the night's mood had shifted from buzzy to something more subdued. It was almost midnight, and the most bitterly fierce presidential race in recent history was still not over. It had been a long night, and there was more to come.

But "We Are," as he delivered it, was big and open-hearted: "We are the ones who will determine who we are / Look how we stand so tall, look how we've come so far." As Dixon's soaring voice filled the studio, things were, if only for a moment, a bit softer and bit less heavy. It's a performance worth watching again and again to get that same kind of lift. You might need it again very soon.

Watch the full performance above, and tune into MTV's Election Night special, "The People's Playhouse," right here.