Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Robyn Returns With ‘Trust Me,’ An Epic Gift To Dance Floors Everywhere

Hear her new disco-house jam with Mr. Tophat

Robyn kept a pretty low profile following her Body Talk breakout, but she’s back and as mesmerizing as ever.

The singer has joined forces with Swedish electronic producer Mr. Tophat for a collaborative EP called Trust Me, out in January. Today (November 4), they shared the project’s sprawling title track, which stretches on for a whopping 10 minutes. Thanks to the constantly morphing groove, though, those 10 minutes are more thrilling than tedious, and Robyn’s mellow coos tie it together beautifully.

“Mmm, the pretty lights / Yeah, it’s what we like,” she serenely purrs over a propulsive beat that sounds like it was made in an underwater disco club (in a good way — promise).

Hear the full 10-minute version, as well as a 3-minute radio edit, of “Trust Me” below: