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Stranger Things’s Millie Bobby Brown Broadcasts From The Upside Down In Sigma’s ‘Find Me’ Video

No Demogorgons, just feelings

Millie Bobby Brown is officially returning to Stranger Things for Season 2, but until then, she’s keeping busy starring in trippy music videos.

The breakout star of the Netflix series is also the star of Sigma’s latest clip for “Find Me,” featuring vocals by Birdy. Thematically, the song lines up almost perfectly with the end of Season 1 of Stranger Things and (spoiler) Eleven’s mysterious separation from Mike and the rest of her newfound friends. “I’ll be waiting / Come find me,” Birdy promises.

In the video, Brown lip-synchs the song while whizzing around a city at night. Much of the video is shot in time-lapse, giving the whole thing an eerie effect like she’s still wielding those telekinetic powers.

Brown isn’t the first Stranger Things actor to make the jump to music videos. In September, Noah Schnapp, a.k.a. Will Byers, starred in Panic! at the Disco’s video for “L.A. Devotee.”