Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS Radio, Inc.

Ariana Grande And Stevie Wonder’s New Duet Is One Big ‘Hallelujah!’

They’re bringing gospel boogie back with ‘Faith’

Even if you’re not the praying type, there’s something holy about the new Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande collaboration that works enough handclaps and “Hallelujah!”s into the mix that you’d swear a dance floor just got installed in front of the altar at church.

For Sing — the upcoming animated film in theaters December 31 featuring the voices of Reese Witherspoon, Matthew McConaughey, and more — Wonder and Grande teamed up for “Faith,” the leadoff single of its soundtrack.

To say the song is simply catchy doesn’t do it justice, as the number swells to a full-on gospel-pop production, complete with choir, horns, Stevie at the piano, and more belting voices than we can count.

This was a huge moment for Grande in particular, who tweeted yesterday about how special “Faith” is for her thanks to her unbelievable (literally) time with Wonder: