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‘The Stakes’: Future Sex And Rubber Bullets

Another week, another (sort of) political podcast

Welcome to “The Stakes,” our political-ish podcast where even though the World Series is over, we are, politically speaking, still biting our nails at the bottom of the ninth. Coming up:

Part 1: MTV Politics writer Jaime Fuller speaks to two North Carolina residents about the transgender bathroom bill HB2 and the conservative takeover of that state.

Part 2: The Dakota Access Pipeline protest is still going strong in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. MTV Politics writer Marcus Ellsworth talks with Eryn Wise, media coordinator for the Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota and the International Indigenous Youth Council at Standing Rock.

Part 3: Deputy Politics Editor Julianne Ross sits down with author Emily Witt to discuss her new book, Future Sex.

Part 4: MTV Founders Editor Julie Zeilinger speaks about her history of covering Planned Parenthood, and we hear from young women about what the century-old health network means to them now.

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