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Ian Harding’s Pretty Little Liars Speech Will Make You Love Mr. Fitz All Over Again

Long live Ezra Fitz

Aria Montgomery was hot for teacher, but she definitely wasn’t the only one. When Pretty Little Liars first debuted, fans fell in love with the charming Mr. Ezra Fitz from the get-go. Sure, the audience’s reception of him oscillated over the years — especially during that whole “OMG FITZ IS A” saga — but he’s always been a fan favorite.

When the series wrapped last week, showrunner Marlene King shared Ian Harding’s wrap moment on Instagram.

Harding expressed his gratitude to the show for giving him his “first job out of college.” He adorably explained how he auditioned for “a sexy” role wearing “a Christmas sweater,” poking fun at himself for rocking a green sweater while all the other Ian hopefuls wore Armani. We love you, Mr. Fitz, but don’t piss us off in this final season.