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Jackson From Hannah Montana Describes Sex In The Weirdest Ways In New Web Series

‘WTH: Welcome to Howler’ is a raunchy college escapade

Get ready to see Jackson Stewart from Hannah Montana like never before. Actor Jason Earles’s most recent project is the hilarious web series WTH: Welcome to Howler. While his new character is just as goobery as Jackson, he’s decidedly not Disney-rated.

Earles plays Chuck, a college RA who’s much older than the freshmen he’s assigned to mentor. How old, you ask? “Old enough to fuck your mom, but young enough to bang your sister,” he quickly tells a student. Episode 1 follows Chuck as he meets three of the college kids in his dorm wing and uses all kinds of cringeworthy euphemisms to describe sex, such as “churning truffle butter.” CHILDHOOD RUINED.

Later in the series, Chuck buys the freshmen beer, flirts, does shots, and even shoves a vodka-soaked tampon up his Kickin’ It co-star’s ass. Goodbye, Disney. Check out the first episode below and watch the rest here.