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Kylie Jenner Gets Her ‘Dirrty’ On As Christina Aguilera For Halloween

Complete with bleached braids and dance moves

You knew that when Kylie Jenner was starting her Halloween weekend with a super spooky dinner party that it was just the beginning, and her next Halloween costume has us screaming.

Christina Aguilera has sported a number of now-iconic looks since “Genie in a Bottle” made orange parachute pants a thing. Her most infamous of these is definitely the bleached braids and after-hours boxing ring attire of her “Dirrty” video, and that’s what inspired Kylie’s major Halloween look.

Every single detail of the outfit is basically ripped from a “Dirrty” still, from the braids to the fake piercings to the XTINA chaps. Kiley absolutely nailed it, and she even attempted some of the choreography from the vid, too:

If this is how awesome she looked two days before Halloween, how’s she gonna top this for the actual holiday?! Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see ...