Alessia Cara’s Moana Song Will Make You Miss Summer

Sail away with Disney’s newest princess

Winter may be coming, but Disney’s upcoming animated film will transport you to a place of sunshine and seawater this Thanksgiving. Moana takes place off the shore of a South Pacific island, which a Polynesian princess calls home.

Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda provides the soundtrack for Moana’s brave adventure at sea. He penned “How Far I’ll Go,” a song Alessia Cara sings for the movie’s end credits. It’s an inspirational anthem that delivers all the motivation you need to get up in the morning, even if the sun is hiding behind the clouds and there’s no ocean in sight.

The “Here” singer also shared an “excessively dramatic” serenade of the song on her Instagram Friday (October 28). This time, there’s no fancy background tunes — just a simple piano, incredible vocals, and “the creepiest wow of all time.”

Hopefully her mom is impressed. We’re still wow-ing, that’s for sure.