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14 Times The Chainsmokers Had No Idea What To Do With Their Arms

Someone help them

Arms are hard. When you’re not using them to twiddle knobs or shotgun beers, they dangle there, unused. Like many men their age, when The Chainsmokers are not doing a rep of push-ups or high-fiving their very best bro, they struggle to find natural positions in which to place their arms.

Over the years since their rise to fame, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have found several ways of coping with their arm confusion during photo shoots and other instances of limb inactivity. Here are just a few positions that have been caught on camera.

  1. Tangled In Phone Wires At The Grammys
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    Sometimes you've got to break free from a bunch of electrical cords just so you can show up to win Best Dance Performance.

  2. The Cross/Reverse Cross
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    When two sets of crossed arms would look too severe, you get your buddy to do the backhand cross.

  3. There Should Be Pockets
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    But there aren’t pockets, so you have to do the “searching for pockets” motion with your hands in perpetuity.

  4. Hugging An Invisible Tree
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    Where’s a sturdy oak when you need one?

  5. Hugging A Visible Tree
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    Much better.

  6. The Half-Thrown Punch and The Half-Shrugged Shrug
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    Fifty percent is still a failing grade.

  7. Pointing To God
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    Even He can’t help you now.

  8. Pointing To Hell
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    No, neither can he.

  9. Arm Flex Emoji
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    Sun’s out, guns out (sort of).

  10. Knock Knock
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    Who’s there?

    General inability to compose myself in front of a camera.

    General inability to compose myself in front of a camera who?

  11. Double Double Fisting
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    Double fists everywhere and not a beer to smash.

  12. Three Thumbs Up

    So close! They very nearly arranged their arms like human men and not oversize spiders with a popular DJ act.

  13. Somebody Hug Me
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  14. Here, Hold Some Dogs
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    There you go. It’s perfect. You fixed it.