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You Can Now Bake Rory’s Birthday Coffee Cake From Gilmore Girls

But what about that cheeseburger tho

There's a reason why Lorelai and Rory Gilmore spent the majority of their meals during episodes of Gilmore Girls at Luke's Diner: The food was damn good, and it's definitely worth replicating IRL.

The fantastic coffee from the fictional diner jumped from the screen to reality thanks to a number of pop-up shops hyping the forthcoming Netflix reboot of the beloved series, and now it looks like the coffee cake is next.

Nerdist has an exclusive recipe from Eat Like A Gilmore: The Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Gilmore Girls, and it's one fans will likely remember well: the coffee cake Luke made Rory for her 16th birthday breakfast. It's an adorable throwback to one of the show's earliest episodes — #6 in the whole series, to be specific — and the tastes of characters we're looking forward to seeing again in the coming weeks.

Pre-order Eat Like A Gilmore now, and get ready for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life to hit your Netflix queue on November 25.