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Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, And More Prove Their Album Title Love With Tattoos

An album title tat is 4eva

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga revealed a new tattoo — the title of her new album, Joanne, on her arm.

The album is named after her late aunt, so Gaga got the tattoo in her handwriting. Her dad, Joanne’s brother, also got the signature on his shoulder.

Gaga isn’t the first musician to pledge never-ending loyalty to his or her album titles or lyrics with some ink — this, actually, isn’t even her first time doing it.


    For ARTPOP, Gaga got the tattoo before she even announced the title of her third album. Though she’s moved on from face paint and shell bikinis, the simple homage remains.

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    Like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber has commemorated multiple albums on his body. His most recent, of course, was Purpose, which he got above his belly button like a tiny mustache.

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    In 2012, before his arms were completely covered, Bieber inked the name of his third album, Believe, on his arm in an inexplicably cartoonish font. We’d like to think his taste in tattoos has matured since then, but, uh, he did recently get a face tattoo, so.

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    Ed Sheeran’s arms are also a collection of many, many tattoos. Among them is an orange plus sign, which is the impossibly hard-to-google name of his first album.

  5. FOUR
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    The number four has a lot of significance in Beyoncé’s life — Blue Ivy, like Blue IV, like four, get it?? — but among other things, it’s the name of one of her albums. The fourth one, obviously.

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    Iggy’s debut album came out in 2014, but she’s had the name of it — The New Classic — tattooed on her fingers since 2011. That’s commitment.


    Ariana Grande loooooves her some finger tattoos, and while Honeymoon isn’t the name of any of her albums, it was the name of her second tour and included in a song name from her debut album, “Honeymoon Avenue,” so it counts.


    Demi Lovato didn’t make any album titles permanent, but she did make sure she’ll never forget the lyrics to her song “Warrior.”


    For a hot second, it seemed like Zayn got the name of his solo debut forever inked on his beautiful face. Thankfully, it ended up being fake.