James Corden Tried On Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress On ‘Carpool Karaoke’

And Lady Gaga tried on James Corden’s job

Lady Gaga helped James Corden get to work on The Late Late Show Tuesday night (October 25), but she wasn’t content to stop at “Carpool Karaoke.”

While belting their way through the streets of L.A., Gaga and Corden swapped seats for a minute so the singer could show off her newly learned driving skills. She got her first driver’s license this year, and apparently her dad was so proud of her that he cried in the DMV.

Corden also tried on just about every Gaga outfit you can think of, including her infamous meat dress, which he wasn’t above nibbling on.

Once the harmonizing pair arrived at the studio, Gaga wanted more — so she hijacked Corden’s opening monologue to spin a couple Trump jokes.

And, because she’s never done singing, she also joined Reggie Watts’s band, Karen, closing out the show with a performance of her new song “A-YO.”