Father-Son Growth: Here's How Far Butch And Tyler Have Come Through The Teen Mom OG Years

There have been some wonderful highs and some painful lows for the Baltierras

Tyler's dad Butch has a troubled past -- and a fair share of his downs with addiction and the justice system have been featured through the years on Teen Mom OG. But recently, the grandfather's ups have been in the spotlight -- and during this week's episode, he commemorated an encouraging milestone: one year of freedom and sobriety.

"It's a pretty big deal," the Michigan native declared during a family BBQ celebrating the milestone in the video above, while his offspring admitted that this violation-free stretch can make up for a long duration of "bullcrap."

While it's important to shine a light on this recent positive streak, his behavior has not always been this way -- and as a result of his actions, it has greatly affected his boy.

Starting at the beginning: The father-son duo's bond was especially strained during Season 1 because of Butch's disapproving stance on Tyler and Catelynn's decision to outline an adoption plan for Carly.

"You got a tattoo of a kid you don't even have," Butch yelled at Cate during a particularly heated exchange, as seen above. And while Tyler wasn't present at this particular showdown (it was only Cate's mom and Butch's then-wife April), Butch's negative opinions had a major impact on Tyler.

Because of Butch's inability to stay clean and marital issues with April that turned physical, several stints behind bars ensued -- and they were mostly documented on the long-running series. However, the beginning of Season 6 began on a happy note: Butch walked out of prison (relive it below) after viewers watched him begin the lengthy sentence in the middle of Season 4.

"I'm free...and single!" he triumphantly gushed.

From there, Butch moved in with Cate and Tyler -- and joyfully attended the longtime lovebirds' wedding. But there was still work to be done between Butch and Tyler: They attended joint therapy sessions to address troubling topics (a visit with counselor Kathleen can be seen below). For Tyler, it enabled him to begin the healing process, and Butch was able to apologize for his absence during Tyler's childhood.

Fast-forward to 365 days outside of the penitentiary and no substances. Can Butch maintain this healthy and encouraging lifestyle? Be sure to keep watching TMOG every Monday at 9/8c