Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

Steve Aoki Did Not Shove Cake In Anyone’s Face At The Last Presidential Debate


Either the third (and final) presidential debate before the 2016 election had the most eclectic VIP list ever, or celebrities are starting to show how politically invested they are weeks before Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump duke it out for the Oval Office.

Steve Aoki showed up to watch the candidates trade talking points in Las Vegas, but thankfully he checked his penchant for pastry-tossing at the door.

Clearly, Aoki's cheering on one particular candidate. (And is that hashtag a clue that he'll be soundtracking a Clinton concert in the near future? We'll see.)

Aoki was one of quite a few famous faces that stood out in the audience at the debate on October 19. The DJ and producer was joined by a motley crew that included actors Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Jeffrey Wright, Stephen Baldwin, and Scott Baio, and basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

They didn't throw any cake, either; no word as to whether or not they threw each other shade, as Baio is a staunch Trump supporter and Danson and Steenburgen are definitely not. (Baldwin's a Trump guy, too, and even takes issue with brother Alec's impression of the Republican frontrunner.)