No One Tell Coach Bolton’s Son That Zac Efron Isn’t Actually His Brother

‘High School Musical’ is creating families before our very eyes

Zac Efron and Bart Johnson have known each other and worked together for 10 years, ever since they first screamed "WHAT TEAM?!" at each other in High School Musical. So it's only natural for the duo, who made three films in the Disney franchise, to feel like family — but it turns out Johnson's young son Wyatt thought Efron actually was his brother.

Celebrating his movie son's 29th birthday on Monday (October 18), Johnson shared a throwback pic and heartfelt message on Instagram. Besides getting mushy and making us feel things by talking about how great it was to film "those father/son scenes," and joking how Efron got his stud-muffin good looks and abs from him, Johnson mentioned how his eight-year-old was slightly confused on their genealogy.

"A while ago my 8 year old Wyatt came into the room and said, 'hey Dad... so... uh.... is Zac Efron my brother?' Ha!!," Johnson captioned. Sadly, Wyatt, Efron isn't your brother by blood, but he's definitely your brother in my book. Efron didn't comment on the photo, but he did like it. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat, right?