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Billie Joe Armstrong Says His New Aging Rocker Movie Is Basically Nonfiction

‘Ordinary World’ is more or less business as usual for the Green Day frontman

He’s in the throes of touring in support of his latest record, Revolution Radio, but Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is also celebrating the release of a movie that hits really, really close to home — and he’s totally up-front about that.

Ordinary World stars Armstrong as Perry, a rocker who all of a sudden grew up, got married, started a family, turned 40 to little fanfare, and opts to reclaim his punk self with an insane party. Rachael Ray chatted up Armstrong about the similarities between his own life and the movie, and he points out that there’s “not a lot of difference” between the guy he portrays in the film and the guy Green Day fans cheer on every night onstage.

“There’s not a lot of difference, I would say, as far as the family,” he says. “That was the easiest thing for me. When you go back home for a long period of time after doing a touring cycle, you just end up hanging out, waking up really early, fumbling around, being a klutzy parent, on the job training, sleepless nights, dirty diapers, you know.”

Embracing the least punk aspects of a rock and roll lifestyle is just as important as celebrating the insanity, too, and that’s what Armstrong and Ordinary World both seem to show.

Ordinary World is now in theaters and available on demand and DVD/Blu-ray.