Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/Getty Images

Tove Lo Is Headed For ‘True Disaster,’ And She Doesn’t Give A Single Fuck

Hear her crazy, sexy, cool new song

Tove Lo’s Lady Wood era is rolling along with yet another sleek, seductive number. Following lead single “Cool Girl” and the Wiz Khalifa–featuring “Influence,” Tove is back with the crazy, sexy, cool “True Disaster.”

The Swedish singer is cruising fast down the highway to heartbreak, but she basically has a “bring it on” attitude about it. “Come on, zero fucks about it / Come on, I know I’m gonna get hurt,” she coos, nonchalantly shrugging off the impending doom. The pulsating chorus only further invites pain: “Keep playing my heartstrings faster and faster / You can be just what I want, my true disaster.” Fine, Tove, but don’t come crying to me when your tears turn that pint of Ben & Jerry’s into a sad, soupy mess.

“True Disaster” appears on Tove’s upcoming sophomore album, the brilliantly named Lady Wood, due out October 28.