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Maroon 5 Dodge Teens And Copyright Infringement In The ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ Video

Just a band of normal, non-proprietary pocket monsters

In their new video for “Don’t Wanna Know,” Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 find themselves transformed into cuddly monsters and hunted down by smartphone-wielding teens.

Levine’s already dealing with a breakup after his round, orange significant other (played by Sarah Silverman) walked out on him, so the hordes of teens trying to zap him into the stratosphere is a layer of stress he really doesn’t need. He’s also trying to keep things together as the frontman of a band with his fellow technicolor beasts, whose playful designs pose absolutely no risk of a copyright lawsuit from any major video-game companies.

Some monsters just want to live the rock and roll lifestyle without having Pokeba — sorry, laser beams thrown their way. Who can blame them?