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Travis Barker Didn’t Let A Broken Foot Stop Him From Drumming On Wonderland

Backing up Blink-182 and Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki took over last night’s (October 13) episode of Wonderland on MTV, and he brought a certain drummer on crutches along with him.

Blink-182’s Travis Barker may have shown up with his right foot in a boot, but he isn’t the kind of guy to let a broken bone slow him down. He powered through the band’s EDM-boosted performance of “Bored to Death” like his entire skeleton was intact — and even backed up Aoki for “Boneless” and his remix of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness.”

Barker broke that foot a couple weeks ago, and he’s already played six shows with Blink-182 while it’s been healing.

It’s not even the first broken limb he’s toured with. How does he play through all those injuries? “You just dig deep,” he told Wonderland host Myke Wright.