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The Backstreet Boys Don’t Want Donald Trump Anywhere Near ‘I Want It That Way’

‘You are my fire’ and ‘You’re fired’ do sound kinda similar tbh

The Backstreet Boys do not want their biggest hit this way, Donald.

While campaigning in the Sunshine State — which also happens to be the home state of BSB — Trump blasted “I Want It That Way,” the single off 1999’s Millennium (and a TRL fave back in the day) multiple times over the course of his rally in Ocala, Florida. The only thing is that BSB had no idea Trump was working their hit into his events, and they’re not down with this. At all.

The Daily Beast reports that a BSB rep confirmed that they didn’t approve the use of the song for Trump’s rally, and that they “are not associated with the Trump camp.”

BSB aren’t the first act to want off the Donald’s playlist: Adele, Neil Young, and a number of other performers have spoken out against the candidate’s use of their music during his run for the presidency, so consider Backstreet in good company.