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Mean Girls’ Jonathan Bennett Learns Losing His Virginity Was A Lie In Exclusive Do Over Clip


Everyone pictures their first time to be magical, romantic, and unforgettable — and usually everyone is sadly disappointed.

In the new comedy Do Over, starring Jonathan Bennett from Mean Girls and Drew Seeley from High School Musical, old friends meet up with the people they lost their virginity to for one more booty call. Of course, secrets are revealed and people discover that their memories from the big night aren't entirely accurate.

In this exclusive clip, Anthony (Bennett) lies in bed with Sharise (Hayley Marie Norman) and hesitantly asks if their sexy time way back when lasted longer than a few seconds. Unfortunately, he's in for a rude awakening when she tells him what really went down that night. Check out the hilarious clip below.

Do Over is available on Video on Demand and iTunes today.