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Tom Felton Is Pretty Much Draco Malfoy On The Flash

How can you not like Barry Allen, Tom? He’s like pudding! Everybody likes pudding.

On the one hand, I’m mad at Barry Allen for messing up the timeline and making Cisco sad on The Flash. On the other, his temporal misjudgment gave us Tom Felton as CSI and meta-human specialist Julian Albert, so I can’t be that mad at the Fastest Man Alive.

The most recent episode of The Flash (“Paradox”) introduced two significant antagonists into Barry’s so-called world, starting with his surly new coworker, Julian. (To be fair, Julian seems to be a pretty good guy, as both Caitlin and Cisco like him, but for whatever reason Julian doesn’t trust Barry.) Given Felton’s experience playing a prickly, snobbish antagonist to a beloved Hero™ as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise, this role was clearly made for him. Honestly, he’s five seconds away from calling Barry a filthy Muggle.

Julian suspects that there’s more to Barry Allen than meets the eye, but can you really blame him for being suspicious? There is something more to Barry than meets the eye, and he’s not very subtle when it comes to hiding it. He flakes on his job all the time. And Julian is a CSI! He’s been trained to pick up on clues. We should honestly be commending him; it took Iris a full season to figure out Barry’s secret superhero identity — and she’s an investigative reporter.

Then again, it does seems suspicious that Julian showed up in the same timeline as this season’s new Big Bad, Alchemy. Is Julian somehow connected to Alchemy? Or is he just annoyed at the CCPD’s resident golden boy? At this point, it’s hard to tell. Either way, with his prickly demeanor and smarmy charm, Julian is the perfect foil for Barry Allen.