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Nas Calls Donald Trump A ‘Toupee-Wearing Liar’ On Robin Thicke’s New Song

Hear Nas rail against police brutality and Donald Trump on ‘Deep’

Robin Thicke — remember him? — dropped a brand-new song today, but featured artist Nas steals the spotlight with his blistering, socially conscious stream of thoughts.

The aptly titled “Deep” opens with a gut-punching verse that finds Nas rapping a cappella about police brutality. Things take a personal turn when he passionately reflects on how the violence affects his son: “And they ask me, ‘Why you ain’t smilin’, Nas?’ / ’Cause I have a son and I die inside when I gotta tell him what was told to me / ‘Can’t play with your water gun, son,’ ’cause the police see / A 7-year-old as a threat.”

The veteran rapper returns later in the track to tackle the presidential election, calling Donald Trump a “toupee-wearing liar.” His scathing words sound slightly misplaced next to Thicke’s smooth verses about trying to reconcile with a lover, but the connection’s there: We have to unite to keep the peace.