Halloweentown Came Alive Again When Marnie Cromwell Stopped By To Visit

Kimberly J. Brown made her second appearance at the Spirit of Halloweentown festival

While you were busy this weekend at New York Comic Con, binging a new show on Netflix, or sleeping in, Kimberly J. Brown, a.k.a. Marnie Cromwell from Disney's Halloweentown, was making magic once again by attending the Spirit of Halloweentown festival in Saint Helens, Oregon (where the first film was shot).

Brown announced her return to the festival over the summer, and shared she'd be doing a reading from her new Halloween book, Poppin's Pumpkin Patch Parade. As she was prepping for her trip, Brown teased fans with her “essentials” for the journey. Shortly after, she posted a pic of herself rockin' the Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge hat. (And yes, that actually is the legit hat from the movie.)

All weekend, Brown took us down memory lane, pointing out different buildings used in the film, including the movie theater where Kalabar (Robin Thomas) went full-on boogeyman and held the Halloweentown citizens hostage. It looks a little different now, but at least it doesn't say “Closed Forever” anymore.

You can visit the Spirit of Halloweentown all this month. For more information, click here.