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19 Amazing Moments From 5SOS’s ‘Sounds Live Feels Live’ Tour

Group hugs, emotional fan moments, and even an onstage proposal

We have good news and bad news, 5 Seconds of Summer fans. The bad news is, the Aussie band's “Sounds Live Feels Live” tour has come to an end after a whopping 101 shows in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia (they played their final show in Sydney last night). The good news is, the tour left us with a ton of funny, surprising, and emotional moments that'll tide us over until the next time 5SOS hit the road.

To celebrate the end of one hell of a thrilling tour, let's look back on 19 of the most memorable “SLFL” moments, courtesy of the fans who love them most.

  1. When Ashton did a headstand on stage (with a little help from Michael)
  2. When Luke hilariously proposed to Michael
  3. The tour’s electric, spellbinding intro
  4. When the crowd showed off their fan project during “Jet Black Heart”

    During the tour, fans held up pieces of paper with the words “I am...” and wrote something personal about them (most were words describing their struggles or insecurities).

  5. And seeing Michael’s emotional reaction to the project
  6. When fans beautifully lit up stadiums with their cell phone lights during “Outer Space/Carry On"
  7. When Ashton switched things up and played bass
  8. And when Calum took over the drum kit
  9. Any time a fan made a friend in another fan
  10. When they sold out Madison Square Garden
  11. When the guys absolutely shredded for over one glorious minute
  12. When they made up a new song called “France Off Take My Pants Off” and performed it in Paris
  13. When they played “If You Don’t Know” live for the first time
  14. When the guys covered Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and it sounded surprisingly awesome
  15. Anytime they told a funny story onstage, because they have the best stories
  16. When Luke played piano during “Girls Talk Boys”
  17. Hearing “Carry On” live and feeling so emotionally connected to it
  18. Actually, hearing any of their songs live and realizing how much that meant
  19. And anytime a group hug happened

    So much love!