Grimes Drops Seven Whimsical Music Videos Shot Only On Cell Phones

She teamed up with HANA to make a visual feast using only phones, wigs, and castles

Grimes spent a good chunk of her summer overseas on her “Ac!d Reign” tour, and because she’s apparently one of those restless creative types who can’t go more than two seconds without making something, she used her downtime to film seven new music videos.

The resulting visual feast, dubbed “The Ac!d Reign Chronicle,” is a 38-minute film comprised of four videos for cuts from her 2015 album Art Angels, and three for songs from HANA’s self-titled EP.

In a note posted on Twitter, Grimes explained that she, her brother and co-director Mac Boucher, and HANA (who opened for Grimes on tour) began by making a video for “World Princess Part II” and had so much fun that they decided to whip up six more. She also says the self-produced vids were shot over a two-week period in Europe using only their cell phones.

“They are guerrilla style vids, a la realiti,” she wrote. “So there was no crew, makeup, cameras, lights. Just us and a phone, so maybe don't expect anything too fancy.”

The resulting videos are just as whimsical as you’d imagine. In “Butterfly,” Grimes and HANA wander around castle grounds and gardens in masks and flouncy threads. In “World Princess Part II,” a little rain can’t stop them from exploring Europe and partying on a private jet. Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes shows up in the trippy and kaleidoscopic vid for “Scream,” and in “Belly of the Beat,” interpretative dancers perform on top of lush green hills.

Check out all of the videos in the “Ac!d Reign Chronicle” compilation below, or see Grimes’s individual videos here and HANA’s here.