Chris McKay/Getty

Tove Lo’s Fierce New Tattoo Will Make Cat Lovers Jealous

This deserves a roar of applause

"Cool Girl" Tove Lo has added new ink to her extensive collection of tattoos, many of which were inspired by artist Mark Ryden. Her latest, a creative hybrid of a jaguar, tiger, and a lion — oh my! — was designed by Alex McWatt, founder of Three Kings Tattoo in New York.

Her other tats include a scorpion by her collarbone — she got it at age 17, making her dad cry — and two pieces based off Ryden's work: a girl riding a bumblebee (on her upper arm) and an eye inside a flaming heart (on her inner forearm).

Tove Lo's sophomore record Lady Wood is out October 28. Perhaps it'll inspire her (or you!) to get even more ink.