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Shawn Mendes Says A Niall Horan Collaboration Is ‘Definitely’ On The Way

He also faced off with James Corden in an a cappella battle

On Wednesday night's (September 28) Late Late Show, Shawn Mendes stood up for his musical generation in a big way.

You see, host James Corden is a big fan of '90s music — so big, in fact, that he claimed today's hits can't hold a candle to the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys. But as his musical guest for the evening, Mendes wasn't about to take that slander sitting down.

So how do you settle an intergenerational dispute over whose pop music is better? With a riff-off, naturally.

With backup from The Filharmonic, Mendes and Corden whipped out their microphones to trade hooks from some of the biggest songs from then and now.

It's hard to say who won the show-off, but maybe a pop music peace treaty is actually the best way for this feud to end.

During his interview, Mendes also dropped a bomb about the pop music of the future. Corden asked him if the rumors about a collaboration with One Direction's Niall Horan were true. Mendes's response? "Definitely."

The singer says that only logistics have kept him and Horan from writing together, and that he hopes to be in the same city with the 1D star soon.

So when can we hear Horan and Mendes challenge each other to a life-or-death a cappella duel?