Sarah Paulson Reveals The Weirdest Thing She's Ever Done On American Horror Story

She kinda maybe sorta dropped a ‘Roanoke’ spoiler in the process

Billie Dean Howard. Lana “Lana Banana” Winters. Cordelia Foxx. Bette Tattler. Dot Tattler. Hypodermic Sally. Shelby Miller. What do all of these American Horror Story characters have in common? The incomparable Sarah Paulson.

For six seasons, Paulson has been the most consistent player on Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story — as in, consistently badass, awesome, and altogether brilliant. She's played everyone from a Craigslist medium to conjoined twins on the FX anthology, but her character on this season's My Roanoke Nightmare might just be her weirdest role yet — not the craziest, of course, but certainly the weirdest.

“She's a yoga gal. She's an All-American sweetheart. That, in and of itself in the world that I've been living in, is an oddity,” Paulson told EW. “There's nothing extreme about her except for the situation that she's in, so that is weirdly the weirdest thing I've ever done on American Horror Story.”

Now, this being American Horror Story, we're obviously going to take a minute to read into Paulson's statement. By “situation” does Paulson mean acting? After all, Paulson's playing Lily Rabe's Shelby Miller in the dramatic reenactments of My Roanoke Nightmare. (You can read more about that here.) So when Paulson is referring to her character, is she referring to Shelby or the actress portraying her? If she's actually referring to the actress, then perhaps there is some weight to that “breaking the fourth wall” theory. Maybe she's being haunted by the ghosts of Roanoke, too. Or maybe we're really overthinking this one sentence of information. We're sorry, Sarah — we're just so starved for answers.

At least we only have to wait until Episode 6 for the big reveal. Or so we've been told. We've got our eyes on you, Murphy.