Johnny Nunez / Contributor

Gucci Mane: Fashion Critic, Fashion Designer, Fashion Everything

Gucci x Gucci x Gucci x Gucci

Gucci Mane is fresh out of jail and winding down on house arrest, and he still managed to attend his namesake show at Milan Fashion Week. Vogue said they were shocked to hear that the Atlanta rapper had never attended a proper Gucci show — but that was the old Gucci. In a recent GQ profile, Gucci revealed that his fashion career is just getting started: his clothing line, Delantic, is imminent. According to his business partner Todd Moscowitz, it’ll be a bit Supreme, a bit Vetements, and all Gucci.

Back in May, Keyshia Kaoir, Gucci’s partner, posted an Instagram video of Gucci in a proto-Delantic hoodie.

The pink hoodie with bold white sans serif font doesn’t immediately recall the skater cool of Supreme or the Whoopi Goldberg–approved Vetements, but we’ll wait and see the entire line before we reach any conclusions.