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James Corden Just Joined The Backstreet Boys

OMG, they’re back again

James Corden misses the golden era of boy bands more than anyone, and he brought out the Backstreet Boys on The Late Late Show Tuesday night (September 27) just to prove it.

Of course, you can’t expect The Backstreet Boys to perform on James Corden’s stage without James Corden joining in on the fun. After a quick costume change into a perfectly late ’90s–appropriate outfit, Corden stepped in line as Backstreet Boy no. 6.

He even knew all the steps to the “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” dance, which, if you’ll remember, has the perfect Halloween-themed video. And he took up the mantle of singing the one line that had you and all your friends giggling to each other in grade school: “Am I sexual?”

BSB are about to rock your body Las Vegas with their upcoming residency, and we can only hope that Corden is invited along for the ride.