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Hilary Duff Shares Her Brutally Honest Career Advice

Kelsey Peters, take note

On paper, Younger’s Kelsey Peters — editor-in-chief of Millennial Print and respected Empirical Press agent — has achieved quite a lot for 26. But behind her triple-spell-checked résumé, Hilary Duff’s latest character is having a quarter-life meltdown, and Hil can relate.

“[You’re doing] everything you can and [thinking about] where you fit in and accomplishing the most you can,” 28-year-old Duff said about her early twenties. “You put a lot of pressure on yourself.”

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Duff joined the full Younger cast Monday night (September 26) to reflect on their careers at a Tribeca Tune In panel sponsored by Visine. [Note: TV Land and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.] Costar Sutton Foster, who plays a 40-year-old publishing assistant masquerading as 26, explained her real-life experience with impostor syndrome while acting on Broadway.

“I always call it the fraud factor,” Foster said. “Early in my career I was like, Someone’s gonna find out that I have no talent and I don't belong here at all. I would just sit on my couch like, When’s it gonna happen?”

“She won two Tonys!” Duff added, laughing. Yep, that sounds pretty damn talented.

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“I think we all feel that way,” Duff continued, confessing that she’s also felt that “fraud factor” at times.

Then she shared her refreshingly honest advice for anyone freaking out about their work: “Just fake it till you make it. And you get there and you’re like, huh, I did all right.”

Hopefully Peters takes this advice to heart for Season 3, which premieres Wednesday on TV Land. Meanwhile, Duff is looking forward to the future. “Everyone says 30 is amazing, so I’m actually excited about 30,” she said. Only two more years to go!