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Emma Watson Makes Powerful Statement On Feminism In Inspirational New Video

‘Hurdles’ highlights how far women have come — and how far we have to go

Over the past two years, we’ve heard a lot about feminism in Hollywood — like how a bunch of men consider themselves feminists, while other celebrities, male and female, think it’s kind of a bad word. (And some don’t even know what the word means.) We’ve also heard famous people preach feminist ideals while calling themselves the more popularly accepted term “humanist,” because we’re all humans and deserve equality or whatever.

However, celebrity feminists do exist, and they’re more vocal than ever. For example, Harry Potter alum Emma Watson has always been a proud, Woman Card–carrying feminist — or at least she’s been one publicly since she made her famous HeForShe speech at the U.N. two years ago. Since making her debut as a Feminist™, Watson has dedicated her time to bringing gender equality to the forefront of public conversation.

Her latest effort is a short video from Global Goals entitled “Hurdles.” In the video above, Watson provides the narration, while Sia’s “Chandelier” soundtracks the inspiring short. The video, which uses footage from the women’s 100-meter hurdles at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, isn’t anything new or innovative, but it does highlight the obstacles, or hurdles, women continue to face on a daily basis in the battle to achieve the same rights as their male counterparts. Most importantly, it contributes to the massively important dialogue of feminism — and demonstrates that our hurdles as women aren’t over yet. There’s still a long road ahead, and for some women, especially women of color, there are even more hurdles to face.

However, innocuous or not, these kinds of feminist dialogues are still important. Regardless of how you feel about Watson’s particular brand of feminism, putting feminism in the spotlight only helps to further the cause.